Susie Q Ranch

Stalls, Paddocks, Single Pens
19100 Hwy 20, Picabo, ID 83348

Trailer and overnight stay available.

Contact Amy at (208) 866-0209

River Sage Stables

20 Prairie Sun Rd, Bellevue, ID 83313

Contact Trudy Peterson at 208-481-2551 to arrange horse boarding.

Winter Sun Ranch

Pens and stalls available $25/night/horse.
26 Townsend Gulch Rd, Bellevue, ID 83313

Call (208) 471-0346

Glick Ranch

Bellevue, Idaho


Please contact Nancy at 208-721-1220 or Josh at 208-720-2192
to arrange horse boarding.

This is an Airbnb with room for up to 4 horses.
Horses only or riders and horses welcome.